Selecting a Product Specification

The list of product specifications is supplied by the user in file area.txt. An example fle is supplied with the program, this can be edited by any text editor, eg. Notepad.

Each product has a line in the file consisting of
Nominal sizeUsed to calculate the deviation field in the log file
High percentage Oversizes larger than this value light the Yellow signal
Low percentage Undersizes smaller than this light the Red signal
NameDescriptive text of up to 20 characters, quote marks(") should not be used.
2.50 10 -5 Medium size
which indicates a product called "Medium size" with a nominal size of 2.5 units, and tolerances of +10% and -5%.

A product is selected from the list by double clicking the product name in the control dialog, or by pressing the up and down buttons simultaneously. The arrow buttons can then be used to scroll through the list and a product selected with the black button

The file is reread every time the list is opened, so updates to the file can be used without restarting the system. Any changes to the current product will not take effect until it is selected again.