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Service rates

The standard call-out charge applies to calls serviced within 72 hours of order within normal working hours.
The emergency rate applies to jobs which 'jump the queue' or are serviced out of normal hours.
The workshop rate applies to jobs processed at my base.

To qualify for the full-days rate a job must take over eight hours on site, in at least one visit,
or else must be processed at my convenience.

Service Rates

Job Charges Standard Call Out 60.00
Emergency Call Out 90.00
Hourly Rates Engineering : Short jobs60.00Per hour
Engineering: Full days40.00Per hour
Travel & Incidental 40.00Per hour
Overtime40.00Per hour
Expenses Mileage 0.25per mile
Materials at cost
Credit Under 30days No charge
30-60 days 2%
More2%per month

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