Virtual Logic Analyser

©Tim Jackson, Sept.2003

Low cost, industrial speed logic analyser.
Independent of manufacturer, needs no special hardware.
Wireless Data logging
without interrupting machine operation.

Control system developers:
See your software run, check timings and sequences before connecting outputs.
Service engineers:
Capture a machine's running sequence up to the point of failure, in the field.

Virtual Logic Analyser
The Virtual Logic Analyser records a logic analyser trace set from live or recorded video.

Programmable Logic Controllers and other instruments display information through LEDs on the front panel. This provides a mass of information but it is difficult to observe rapid changes in the display, or to monitor it over a long period of time.

The Virtual Logic Analyser allows you to examine LED timing in detail and store the data in a very compact form.

This software is under development. A beta test version is now available for free download.
Registered beta testers will receive a free copy of the first commercial release of the Virtual Logic Analyser.

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