Letters between Tim Jackson and Catherine Honeyman

edited by Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson lives in Lancashire, England
Catharine Honeyman lived variously on Midway Island, in Seattle and in Honolulu.

These letters cover the period from Catharine's diagnosis with cancer in 1999 up to her death in 2004. But they aren't about cancer, they are about a relationship through email between two people who are unable to meet in person.

  1. First encounter Cancer support newsgroup posts. Lyudmila's death. My website. Capsicum relish.
  2. Russia Mensa newsgroup. Astronauts at Artec, Russia and Volcano, Hawaii. The future of Russia. Youssopova family. Jennifer Paterson. Fridge Hunting. "Chicken Run". Mum's cancer.
  3. Teenage Childminding. Artyom. Teenagers. University. Driving lessons. Mum's mastectomy.
  4. Weather Quilts. Hot and violent weather. Car Alarms. Minstrels. Cars: MR-2, Focus. Firestone recall. Harry Potter. Artyom working. Catharine moves house. Relationship problems. Poop or Pupik.
  5. Retirement Fat. UK Fuel strike. Bone metastasis. Port implantation. Chemotherapy. College fees. "Common Retirement Age Policy". Natasha's birthday. Playing "Maternity Ward".
  6. Terminal cancer Coffee Blond Brownies. Internet, advertising and Spam. Luydmila's disease history. John's bowel cancer. Simon Schama. UK floods. Presidential election. Medical insurance. Christmas.
  7. Christmas 2000 Christmas presents. Catharine's marriage. Sealing envelopes. Abortion lobby. Pornography. Llamas. Warfarin. Speeding bomber.
  8. Foot & Mouth Interesting times. Dying. My house. Road rage. World book day. UK Foot and mouth disease outbreak.
  9. Cars My 50th birthday. Walmart buys ASDA. Motor insurance. SUVs. ABM treaty (or not).
  10. Social work Child abuse. Artyom the drop-out. Gift wrap. Computer prices.
  11. Genes Dating agencies. The gene pool. Genealogy. Child development.
  12. Fire Dad's pacemaker. Smoke alarms. Catharine meets Allan. Marriage problems. Grounded blackbird. Wildflowers. Toothache. Fluoridation. Litigation, Wheel clamping & Disabled badge.
  13. Mail order brides. Paul Theroux. Swimming. Carolyn. John's funeral. Douglas. Mail-order brides. Tanning.
  14. Nine-Eleven. September 11th 2001. Terrorism. Airport security.  Michael Moore. Children's books  Cadbury's flake. Card games. iMac and cable.
  15. Intelligence.Goats.  Roller coasters. Pancakes. Cats.  Flying, post 9/11.  Development of intelligence. Summer holidays.  Kew Gardens.
  16. Christmas 2001. Harry Potter film. Christmas presents. Digital camera. Christmas shopping. Eloise. Lord of the Rings. FreeCell.  Fireworks. Posh.
  17. Karoo  Succulent Karoo. Kipling. Snow. Pakistan. Bone scan. Prisoners of War.