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Tim Jackson
In the local pub Our tortoishell & white cat Karting in Gran Canaria with Artyom With Natasha age 5 Making a pond

Personal Information

Education and Qualifications:   BSc in Physics & Electronic Engineering (Manchester)

Experience Family

Lyudmila Lyudmila Late wife: Lyudmila, born in Achinsk, Siberia.

She was bilingual English/Russian and formerly an English teacher in St Petersburg
She died from secondary breast cancer 12 March 2000. The story of her illness.
Her memoirs of her life in Russia and coming to England.

Artem Artem Sapper Son Artem, born 1981 in Achinsk. Soldier in the British Army, Royal Engineers

Natasha High School prom dress

Daughter Natalia born 1993 in UK, known as Natasha when she was younger.

Adventures and Stories: I brought Lyudmila and Artem from St Petersburg by van. Here are some stories of this and other thrills..


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