Sailing on the Pond

Pond construction The Catharine Fountain engineering
Pond construction. The yacht "Catharine" Fountain engineering.

Waterworks at Springside House.

Not for nothing is our home called Springside House. The land slopes steeply down the hillside, springs issue all along it and make everything soggy. Fortunately the Victorian fresh-water drains under the house itself are excellent. On and off for the last ten years I have been working on draining the land into them and terracing it into a useable garden.

Having a water table 6 metres above the house is an irresistible temptation to an unreconstructed water baby, an overgrown child who loves playing with water. The first experiment was to dig a drainage brook and produce a fountain jet 3m high in the back yard, which was very noisy and quickly got blocked with dead leaves or worse.

Over the course of the last few years I have laid 30m of land drains and harnessed the water flow to make a small pond and a fountain, along with a tiny radio controlled yacht to sail on the pond.