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Tog Testers

Instruments for measuring the 'warmth' (thermal resistance per unit area) of textiles and other materials in sheet form.
The unit of 'tog' is 0.1 K.m2/W (i.e. 10 times the SI 'R-value').  Principles of tog testing

Duvet tog tester to BS5335

A double-bed-sized guarded hotplate instrument for measuring materials up to 15cm thick, from 4 to 18 tog with large-scale quilting up to 50cm pitch.
Primarily intended for determining the tog rating of duvets for compliance with UK regulations.

Baby products tog tester to BS8510.

A tabletop guarded hotplate instrument for measuring thin materials from 2 to 5 tog with small-scale quilting up to 10cm pitch.
Primarily intended for certifying that baby products do not exceed a specified thermal resistance, to protect against hyperthermia.

Textile tog testers

These instruments measure the thermal resistance at a single point in the centre of the bed, so are unsuitable for testing quilted products.

BS4745 Togmeter

A bench-mounted comparator tog tester with forced air flow, to BS4745, based on the "Shirley Togmeter", for measurement of cut samples of flat textile materials from 1mm to 25mm thick by single plate, fixed-pressure or fixed-opening methods.

Low cost textile tog tester

A tabletop comparator instrument for general purpose measuring of thin flat materials from 3mm to 15mm, such as textiles, using the single-plate or fixed-pressure methods of BS4745 or the method of BS8510